I don’t know if we ever feel fully “healed” but that, instead, we’re on one continuous journey of self-discovery and self-exploration as we navigate our moments of living through time, space, stories, subconscious patterning, and life.

Being home for such the longest amount of time since I was 19 or 20 years old, 4 out of the last 5 months, as I’ve nursed mom through her own health journey, I’m feeling a whole mix of emotions:

— how immensely grateful I am for my family. We have our moments of chafing with one another but truly, every single one of them is a deep, soulful Being in their own way;

— how challenging it can feel not to have enough quiet time, time for myself as family time is pretty much every evening; then, reminding myself that I can simply excuse myself and be in my room, alone, in quiet…mostly…

— the feelings of restlessness that arise as I am called to service numerous times throughout the day; along with the quiet from within guiding me to move from love, from compassion…for all involved…including ME;

— the reminder that I reserve the right to set boundaries, to say “no,” to find a compromise — including with myself;

— and, no matter what the challenges, that running away is no longer an option…no matter how much I love my quiet mountain abode, that for now, this moment in time, I’m meant to be here…

— but to also book my return flight

Right?! So much. So many layers. So much introspection. Where am I in servitude rather than being in service? Where have I compromised myself out of the picture? Where am I in resistance? And, why? To witness my journey, to lovingly hold space for self; to be in curiosity. And, circular breathwork breathing to help move it all.

Healer, heal thyself <== the expression that echoes and reverberates within for all of us.

And, so, with this in heart, I embark on a 21 day journey into self — starting each morning with 15 minutes of writing, loads of self-reflection, and holding space for all possibilities — the whole spectrum.

We all have work to do — even when the calls come to organize retreats, hold sessions, and all the love that pours in. They will happen, no worries there.

I have work to do. I’m in. I’m all in. Making the time and space for conscious soul-guided self-work.

If you feel inspired, I invite you to join in.

And, I’m curious, what is moving through you?

Wrapping my arms around each one of you in gratitude for all that you are, and with infinite love,

~ Gurpreet