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Atman (Soul) Healing
Average rating:  
 23 reviews
 by Caroline
warm grounded love

Gurpreet is a wonderful warm and authentic human being. I participated in an online sacred breathwork group. It was truly amazing to connection across the globe and experience dear Gurpreet's grounded warmth and love. I would highly recommend any experience with her.

 by Nid
Wonderful love

Gurpreet creates a beautiful safe space to hold us in, even virtually. The breath is so soft & loving, it feels like being nourished to deep soulful peace. A gift to the world to experience her class, but she reaches much further with her words & energy of love. Thank you for being you.

 by Benjamin Haynes
I feel alive & grounded!

I cannot recommend Gurpreet enough. She holds space with love and compassion and she will help introduce you to breathwork no matter how little experience you have. I came in with no experience, and I walked away feeling lighter, more alive, and wanting to do more sessions with Gurpreet in the future. (LIVE Virtual Conscious Breathwork Session)

 by Pat L H
A Moment With Spirit

I experienced Gurpreet for the first time this week and I am so happy that I was connected with her. She exudes love and peace towards everyone. The work was healing on so many levels - soul, mind, and body. She made space for everyone to get in touch with themselves and experience the Breathwork at our on pace. Her gentle guidance assured us that we were being held in love and grace. I loved her and the work! (LIVE Virtual Conscious Breathwork Session)

 by Alaina
Recommended for Every Single Person on the Planet!

It’s difficult for me to succinctly share in words the powerful and beautiful impact Gurpreet and her work has had on me. It’s amazing to read all of the other reviews and I couldn’t agree more with everyone’s expression of their experience in this work with Gurpreet.

If you are looking for a guide, a mentor, or the warmest hug to help you navigate a chapter of your life, then look no further. Gurpreet has a natural way of making you feel safe, whole, and held even when life seems to be testing you. My first interactions with Gurpreet in breathwork sessions (age 25) were incredibly transformative in releasing a build up of emotion I hadn’t even realized I was holding. Years later she was the first person I reached out to when working through a trying transition in my life (age 28). A three-day retreat with her was exactly what my soul needed to reset and restore. Her impression on me and the lessons she has shared have been and will be everlasting. I highly recommend taking any opportunity to connect with Gurpreet.

 by Chris
Soul Healing

This was hands down the most magical and profound experience of my life second only to my daughter being born. This breath work has shown me that we have the power to heal the world one soul at a time. I strongly recommend anyone wanting to heal, explore and love themselves try a retreat weekend. You will NOT be disappointed. So much love and respect for making this happen. (4 Day Weekend Retreat)

 by Kathrine
Mind, Body and Soul

After having trouble recovering fully from some trauma around an allergic reaction I had at the hospital a year prior, my doctor (md) recommended I see Gurpreet. I was a bit worried prior to the 1st session - but within 10 minutes Gurpreet put me at ease. All I can say is that I ended up gaining my life fully back and more (much more). After only 4 sessions I cleared all the trauma and then continued on for 6 more sessions to expand my spiritual journey. I can not express enough gratitude for Gurpreet - thank you so much for providing this service and for holding space for me during this process. I feel so alive!

 by SC
Life. Changing.

After years of intense trauma, and powering through with success and achievements as my "numbing," I finally hit a point of need; needing to find a new way, needing to fully know and love myself, and needing to whole the pieces. Through a personal referral, I found the lovely Gurpreet. 10 sessions of breathwork, and a few overnights during the past year, and I feel like a completely better person! I feel more calm and centered, PTSD symptoms resolved, and a new respect / love for self. G is truly not-of-this-world angelic soul! Eternally grateful to her for saving my life!

 by LR (Los Angeles, CA)

I am 55 year old entrepreneur who did a 5 day private retreat with Gurpreet and wow what a transformative time. The experience was very healing and powerful. Gurpreet creates a space that is loving, open, safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing. This space allowed me to heal from long held trauma, allowed me to feel true love for myself and opened me to new possibilities in life. I would highly recommend Gurpreet to anyone who is open and ready to heal. You will not be disappointed.

 by Valerie (Vancouver, BC, Canada -- Group Session)

Thank you for such a deep and loving time at Conscious Breathwork on Monday July 31st. I was warmly welcomed with a big hug. What a hug! I hope to attend again. I love Gurpreet’s powerful and loving touch that assisted with bringing what needed to surface. I highly recommend working with her. ?

I so appreciate you and feel immense gratitude for your reflection -- thank YOU for how beautifully open you showed up and how willing you were to simply "go for it!" I so look forward to our next session together!

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