Intuitive Energy Healer


I am a Conscious Breathwork practitioner, intuitive energy healer, and integration coach/ guide who currently resides in Colorado.  As a result of a series of traumatic events (near death experiences — whoa nelly, that’s one way to wake up to living life!) in short succession, I have chosen to fully delve into the world of honoring and horning my psychic, energetic, intuitive, and healing gifts as a means of both healing myself as I align with my soul’s desire to walk the path of a healer; and, to also facilitate soul-level transformational healing with others.   While it requires courage, I have chosen a path that feels incredibly right for my evolution.  Humanity needs healers; we need to come out of the proverbial closet.

I am out of any closet and I am all in.

How may I be of service?  To you?  To humanity’s evolution?  To our collective lineage?






Initiation into the world of Conscious Breathwork, and ceremonial medicine work, came as a result of the immense trauma, PTSD, and physical injuries sustained during a mudslide in the 2013 floods, which had been preceded by a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Dec. 2011 — the Universe delivered a 1-2 blow as I guess I was stubborn in my previous type A personality.  Connecting with my breath, learning how to trust it and its intelligence, and to trust and to allow the unfolding of the breath journey, I experienced profound shifts and also came to realize that I would like to offer this powerful-yet-gentle healing to others.  Initiation into the world of medicine work evolved naturally as I explored ways to heal immense, intense PTSD.


My Past Lives…

In my past life, I was an educator working as an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Education for University of Colorado in Boulder as well as a French and Science educator for the Boulder Valley School District.  I’d also been a French Immersion educator teaching a whole host of subjects from Math, Science, Social Studies, and other topics as needed, in a French-only medium on Vancouver Island in a small, coastal community.  I have completed three university degrees with the last one being a Masters in Education Administration and Leadership — a program that may sound boring but was immense, intense, and so out of the box that I’m forever grateful to it for expanding my understanding of the global intricacies of the system, the box.  Education, the nurturing of our youth, providing the opportunities and fertile terrain for them to explore and cultivate their own divine gifts is still very much a part of my soul.

I have full credentials from the system — I’ve worked in it, lived it, and breathed it for a good chunk of my life until one day, the Universe made it clear that it was time to expand into the world of healing.


My Heritage, My Influences, My interests…










Born into a first generation Punjabi Sikh Indian family in Vancouver, B.C.; living in a variety of locations surrounded by deep wilderness and beauty, from island life off of Vancouver Island to high mountain living in the Rockies; after living in culturally vibrant and linguistically diverse cities of Vancouver and Montreal; growing up surrounded by the grounded and ever-present knowing of the west coast First Nations/ Native American cultures; and, having healers in my matriarchal lineage, I reflect this fusion of cultures, languages, ways of knowing, connectedness to Source in how I live and how I choose to be in this world.  You will find this same fusion of cultures and influences reflected in all aspects of my offerings.

A few fun facts:

  • I adore hiking — especially in the wilderness and at high altitudes;
  • Peru is in my heart forever;
  • I thrive in travelling to new places around the world and connecting with the local cultures, languages, and ways of being;
  • I pick up languages fairly easily — I speak 5 fluently and a smattering of others;
  • I am an artist — acrylic, soft pastels, mixed media;
  • All of the pictures on this website are taken by me or by someone I know (with the exception of the spiral…who to credit it to?) — so, yes, I enjoy photography with my almost obsolete iPhone 6 (ha!);
  • My favourite breakfast is sitting on my back deck breathing in the early morning summer sun’s rays;
  • I am blessed with two jaguars/panthars as a companion — medicine cat known as Mr. Kitty, aka Chief, and his apprentice, Mr. Samson;
  • Road trips and hot springs?  Yes, please!


Life is Beautiful








Life is beautiful, full of opportunities to love and to be loved, and to live in joy no matter how the external circumstances may manifest — the shadow play of life serves to highlight the light and brings with it many gifts of wonder.  Offering healing to my friends, family, community, and to the larger world has been one of these immense gifts from Source during one of the most challenging times in my life.  I embrace this gift fully and hope that you too will find yourself embraced, and enveloped, by the unconditional loving healing that is offered.

Change, growth, metamorphosis into the new can be intense and challenging; however, with loving support, you can journey through it with grace while honoring all that is transforming and transmuting.

I feel so humbly honored to support you in your unique journey, with compassion and love, to assist you in dissolving your own blockages so that you may sense your Divine guidance with confidence, ease, and grace; and, to facilitate the access to the wisdom that lives within each one of us.


With immense gratitude and love,


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