April 3, 2020

There is a great shift underway
We feel it in our bones
In our bellies

We are being invited

To step out of the old way of being
Into a new

Yet so familiar
In some way

Death of the old
Death of the what was planned
Death as a cycle of a life lived
Death as a reminder of our finiteness

So we may birth ourselves anew

Into the golden possibility
Of another way of living

with self
with our hearts
with our souls

That eternal
ever flowing part of our being
beyond this physical body
beyond the impermanence of
our divinely inspired body temples

Honoring what has been
Flowing into the what is gestating
In utero

Remembering our divine infinite selves — our atman, our soul
Our connection to something so much bigger than the 70 or 80 years
That we are gifted in physical form

Soul acknowledgement
Soul connection
Soul eternal
Soul lessons
Soul life
Soul full flow
Soulful presence

They ask us
Guide us

They invite us

There is a spiritual awakening underway
Remembering that we are beings of spirit
Beings of light
Created from and by Love

We are upgrading
Genetically, physically, energetically

It is time for us to grow up
To mature into the beings of interconnectedness
As citizens of this blue gem
As citizens of this cosmos

Life will never be the same again
There is no returning to what used to be our normal
There is only the stepping into the golden light infused

There has always been
And always will be
A pure infinite force far greater than humans at work

And, yes, life is always working out for us

~ Gurpreet K. Gill
April 3, 2020

Photo Artist: Unknown