The bright pink to lavender hues paint brushed across the night sky

Green goddess of a flame’s flicker

In awe, we stood watching, witnessing

In reverence, we received

The most sacred and amazing dance of the Cosmos

Showing itself

Communing with us

In a language as old as the day we were seeded as humanity on this Earth

Colors dancing in the dark night sky

You see me now

You feel my presence


Believe, my love

There are Greater forces at play here

Loving us, reminding us of our connection

To the stars and the Beyond

For we are made of the stars

We are not mere mortals

And we are mortals, blessed to be in flesh

On this Earthly realm while floating in the cytoplasm of this cosmic ocean

Of the All

Of Creator

Of God

Of Source

Breathing in the awe into every cell of our being

Taking in the thunderous silence

Do you feel it?

The immense awe, the bodyful wonder

We are remembering, so so beautifully.

(These photos were taken standing in my driveway, in the freezing cold, at 1:30 a.m. on Friday night/ early Saturday morning of May 10 and 11th — all while a moose was hunkered down between my walkway and the road, a handful of meters from us. It was truly magical on so many levels.)