One word:  surprise.

I only feel a deep soulful gratitude and appreciation for all the magic that 2017 offered and that which manifested.

I had no idea that I would be spending 6 months care-taking my mom as she journeyed through serious heart issues.

That I would be away from my practice, my clients (it feels strange to call them that as they all become dear soul brothers and sisters), and my life in Colorado for such a lengthy duration of time.

That I had a whole other initiation and learning awaiting me in Vancouver, BC as I cared for my mom.

Looking at the path that has led me here today, I feel a potent mixture of surprise, “whoa,” and “whaaaaaa” at how every moment that felt so overwhelming in its own way; the resistance that lived within me at having to “give up” my life to be in service to my mom; and, the surrender to the greater unfolding…eventually.

And, upon returning to Colorado, that there would be a whole slew of other unfoldings awaiting me that I was not expecting.


What a journey.  Finding ease and a sense of being comfortable in the discomfort of the darkness of the unknown.  Immensity.  That sums up the journey of 2017.

I’ve titled this post “Coming out of the Closet” in that there’s much to be shared with you, with the greater collective.  That each one of us has a vibrational presence and voice that reaches, is accessible to certain Beloveds.

This last year has seeded 2018.  I journeyed to places that I had not considered even an option before, experiences that I had no concept of.  The opening of the realms, the lifting of the veils, the loving welcome into dimensions beyond; and, the importance of being a bridge between the 3D and that of the other dimensions and realms beyond. Above.  Below.  All around.  That which is present but not visible, or accessible, to our 5 senses based way of knowing.

So, as this year unfolds, my intention is to come out of the closet.  I have a story that many have access to these realms and keep it it sacred, secret, quiet — however you want to put it.  What is clear is that it is time.  It is time to come out of the closet.  To share. Openly. Vulnerably. Lovingly.

With grace.

My word(s) for 2018 — Calm. Grace. Compassion. Ease. Flow.

And, ever increasing surrender.

I feel immense gratitude for this life.  For me.  For you.  And, for the us.  The we.

I am here.  To support you on your own journeys of awakening, consciousness rising, and of connection to Self.

I commit to sharing that which is ready to be shared.  I am grateful for you. I honor you and your own journey(s).

So much more to come.

With big squeeze of infinite love,