This Change
This dance with the Great Mystery
The Unknown
The Uncomfortable
The Great Shift…

We have been training for this moment
In so many ways in our lives
The hardships, the challenges, the near death experiences

The miraculous stepping into new ways of being, living…

    4 replies to "We are the Ones…"

    • Judy Kaye

      Refreshing and powerful words at a time of need. Thank you.

    • Kathy Kurtz

      I was sent your “What if” during this challenging time in our lives. It was truly inspiring. Thank you.

    • Carolann jade Vestergaard

      What if, Great but one thing was left out..the one who made the earth.,

      • Gurpreet Gill

        Ah, it is most definitely included. Grace. Capital G. I appreciate your care. And, your attention.

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