Holy, holy.

The deep dive into my Self, my Being this past weekend, dancing the dance of allowing and surrendering to the breath’s immense Divine intelligence.

Laying on the mat as a participant, pulling my breath with an intensity that pleasantly surprised me — “Holy shit, ok, I guess my Being is SO ready for this!” So clear in my desire to be free from whatever is limiting and blocking me.

Meeting a deeper layer of suppressed and repressed emotions from a very, very old place within. Maybe from childhood. Perhaps even older than that.

Grief. Rage. Trauma. Burning, acrid lump in my throat. An immensely painful sharp heaviness in my chest and other places of holding.

Surrendering to the divine intelligence of the dance of the holy breath with my Being, over and over and over again.
Dissolving layers upon layers of subtle resistance, of holding, of trying to control.

Three sessions in three days. Three times of laying down on the mat and meeting layers upon layers of self. Three times to clear whatever it is that’s ready for release.

And, through the tears, the emotional releases, the snot, the unwinding of the tightness that holds on within…

Freedom. From that layer. From that heaviness. An opening of possibilities as limitations melt away. And, a remembrance of my direct connection to the Divine and to all that is.

Powerful. And, yet so incredibly simple. We breathe. That’s it.

And, though I feel the most enlivened and aligned with my soul’s purpose when I’m engaged in this healing modality, this past weekend has served to deeply and powerfully remind me again of why I’ve chosen to be a Breathwork practitioner; and, of the breath’s incredible, miraculous, and loving healing power. I know it. Always. Now, it’s all fresh again.

A remembrance that, truly, everything is holy.

And, from this place of deep healing and remembrance, I invite you to dance that dance with your breath tomorrow evening.

We breathe into deep, cellular level healing; reconnection to our inner wisdom; and, remembrance of our greater selves tomorrow evening.

6:30 p.m. Thrive Learning Center. Denver.

May 17, May 24th are our next sessions in Denver.

More series are in the works along with a summer retreat. Private sessions are also available.

( Note to self: don’t wait another year again before laying down on the mat to breathe!)