Dear Ones,

I feel an immense and infinite ocean of gratitude for the beauty of our gift of a goddess breath circle last night — for the giggles, the depth of feeling, the immense releases and healing, for the presence of the sensual, the raw, the real, and the unknown. And, for allowing me to unveil the truth of my voice in this practice 🙂 It was a very powerful and loving evening.

I am blessed by your presence and so grateful for you, your trust, your continued deep, deep allowing.

This next week through New Year’s is a potent time with solstice bringing forth the light back into our lives, serving to highlight the gift of our shadows; a full moon Christmas; and, a shift towards an expanded consciousness throughout humanity as New Year’s approaches — a friendly and loving reminder to make the time, space for the quiet, the stillness, for your breath to hear, to understand the quiet whisperings of your inner Divine guidance as we enter a whole new way of Being in 2016.

May you be blessed with the perfect unfolding, blossoming for your individual highest good and highest evolution, which is for all of humanity’s highest good and evolution.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Blessings for 2016 — may we live with more a more tender, open, powerfully vulnerable heart. May the melty, loving power of this ripple throughout our world.

May you have a blessed, healthy, adventure-filled holiday season with your loved ones. I look forward to your continued presence, your continued practice, of deepening with the holy breath in this upcoming new year.


With all my love and deep gratitude,

Gurpreet <3