Indispensable in healing…

Thank you for the series of breath work sessions which were indispensable in healing from a life-threatening traumatic experience and devastating loss.  The power of the breath is transformative and while each session is different, there is an underlying current of vibrational energy and release from grief, anger, and suppressed feelings resulting in a state of being that can only be described as peaceful, calm, serene, and joyous.  This technique is accessible to anyone and effective intending the body, mind, and spirit.  With Gurpreet's ancient wisdom and experience in the healing arts, I have found the power within and have experienced a spiritual reawakening.

Michelle W. Boulder, CO, USA December 2, 2015

Most sacred and profound journey to bliss

The space was peaceful and beautiful, the music soothing. Gurpreet was kind, calming, and honored each one of the participants just as they were. I felt very safe opening myself the the experience, because of that I was able to have a most sacred and profound journey to bliss. Thank you, Gurpreet.

Cheri E. Boulder, CO, USA December 2, 2015

I found an incredibly gifted healer…

In Gurpreet, I found an incredibly gifted healer who would set and hold the beautiful, safe, and sacred space that allowed me to go to the depths that I was ready to go to and bear witness to whatever arose in each session.  Gurpreet knew what was needed in any given situation, how much space I needed, how much guidance would help me to go deeper, how to encourage me when I would get stuck.  Her intuitive abilities and grounding presence made her the perfect partner on my journey with Breathwork and I am extremely grateful to her.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is open to experience healing through Breathwork.

Claudia K. Boulder, CO, USA December 2, 2015

It doesn’t require words…

I think one of the most profound things about this work is that it doesn’t require words. I love words and I know that I receive guidance through writing and I figure things out by writing and I give love in writing…but sometimes, words need to be set aside. This work allows great releases of whatever you’re willing to let go of, without having to talk it to death or experience the trauma all over again. It can be peaceful and easy or tight and uncomfortable; it can be a blissful ride on a magic carpet or it can feel like trudging through mud. The magic is in the allowing. It’s always perfect....I, for one, am sticking with Gurpreet and look forward to more of what this healing system has to offer.

Erin L. Denver, CO, USA December 2, 2015

The Magic of Breath

Thank you for tonight Gurpreet! Truly emotionally uplifting and third eye expanding with body sensations of vibrating waves of light and energy pulsing through me. It felt as though I was experiencing myself as pure energy, that space between atoms. A chemical-free ecstasy that came with profound meaning and lessons from my higher self.

Mari Clements November 28, 2017