“There is no single more powerful practice to further your health and well-being than Conscious Breathwork.”  

– Dr. Andrew Weil

What is Breathwork?

Atman Breathwork is a total Mind-Body-Spirit healing and awakening experience.  It is also known as Conscious Breathwork, Soulful Breathwork, Re-birthing style Breathwork — each practitioner brings their own spirit and flavor to the practice.

Atman means the universal soul, the eternal essence, the Divinity, of your being that is unchanging, undistinguishable from, and connected to Source as we transition from one form to another.  It is your soul manifest in consciousness; it guides us to awaken, to remember — which are all accurate descriptions for this type of transcendental and transformative breathwork.  Combining Pranayama, a five thousand year old Vedic science of the breath, with Western therapeutic modalities, Atman Breathwork accesses non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC) and works to heal and stimulate the mind, body, and spirit — using evocative music, intention setting, ritual, energy work, and the chakra system to map the physical and emotional bodies.

The Medicine — breath

Breath is life force energy, prana, chi, and known by many other names in other cultures.  By breathing in a conscious, connected, circular manner, you are actively breathing  life force energy into your Being; and, in doing so, you are inviting the intelligence that lives within the breath to dissolve, melt, release any blockages,  suppressed and/ or repressed emotions and experiences from our past.  In releasing the old, the stagnant, the unconscious patterning using your breath as your healing modality, you also then are open to receiving the “new” — new information, clarity, confirmation, creative expansion, and a whole host of possibilities based on your soul’s desires.

While some people use plant medicines to access these non-ordinary states of consciousness, we will only be using our breath in our sessions — nothing will be ingested other than deeply connecting with our breath.

Every one of your journeys will be unique and different, with no two being the same.


“Everything that we’ve repressed or suppressed eats us up from the inside out. Take a breath and let go.”  

~ Panache Desai

Breathwork:  Unfolding of Mystery & Blossoming of your Gifts 

Using a combination of sacred space and this technique of breathwork, the mind is given permission to turn off, enter a NOSC, and prana, life force energy in breath, is given permission to move through the body — activating, awakening, healing, releasing, and dissolving emotional and energetic blocks — often the result of holding onto trauma, PTSD, subconscious patterns that hold us back, and the challenges of life on a cellular level.  This technique releases, dissolves these blockages stored in the body over a series of sessions, activates healing, and removes debris from this outer world that blocks higher consciousness.  With several sessions as this retreat offers, as you relax into a higher theta brainwave state, the conscious mind’s ability is greatly increased to access your atman’s spiritual wisdom and to allow messages, visual images, reconnection with your soul purpose and passion for this life, intuition, heart connection, and downloads to come through and to be accessed.

For healing, accessing your inner Divine self, your atman, your spiritual essence is powerful as it knows you, your ancestry, your patterns, and it also knows exactly what you need in this moment in time to transform, to fully embody and to  live the life you are meant to.


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My Training 

Through a rigorous and intensive apprenticeship training  program with Christian de la Huerta in Miami, FL, I am one of a select few fully certified Breathwork facilitators trained to hold Soulful Breathwork style sessions and retreats.  As a result of this training and my own personal intuitive guidance, you are cocooned in an ocean of safety and sacred space that will support you in experiencing exactly what you and your Higher Self have determined that you need in this slice of time in your soul journey.

If you’d like more information on Christian, my mentor and trainer, you may click here for his website.  

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