(The art pieces will be uploaded shortly — they all need to have a high resolution scan done in order for them to shine and radiate their loving energy!  They will be up soon.)

Not having touched anything remotely related to art since Grade 5, I came across it after a serious head injury.  Sitting at my desk for hours into the wee hours of the morning, I discovered that not only was creating art healing for my head, but that it was also healing on a soul level.  Then, as now, my heart, being, and soul are all drawn in by each piece mo matter how basic or intricate it is.  Self-taught, I channel intuitive guidance as I birth each new art piece.  Each creation is infused with a deep sense of, and vibrational frequencies, of healing and peace while honoring Source, the Sacred, the Divine.

Each piece is offered to be purchased — either the original or a print version.

I hope that you find yourself embraced by this same sense of healing, awakening, and connection that each creation offers.  Your resonance to each one is a unique dance between the alchemy of your combined energies.

Commissions are also welcome.

With gratitude for all that is,