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Day-Long Workshop: Transformational Journey into Healing & Awakening

November 18, 2017 @ 9:30 am - 6:30 pm MST


Workshop: Transformational Journey into Self, Healing & Awakening

Celestial. For your Highest Good & Evolution. Breathe.

In times of seeming chaos and distress all around, this day-long workshop offers a sacred container for a deeper, more spacious deep dive into realms of self-discovery, exploration, healing, and awakening that will assist you to ground further in your truth, with greater awareness of the greater.

Using a combination of evocative music, energy work, individual and group processing, creative expression, and evoking sacred ceremony, we will journey into the realms and depths of our soul self using the incredibly transformative and powerful energies of the ancient practice of breathwork to enter an altered state of consciousness.

These elements combine with the participant’s intention to allow depth of engagement in the exploration of self, physical and non-physical form, and connection to the greater within and the Oneness that is available to all.

The powerful alchemy between the wisdom of your breath and your higher self, your Eternal soul self is at the core of this workshop.

With this workshop, there exists infinite possibilities to:

  • promote healing on all levels (emotionally, energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally)
  • connect with life-purpose, life path
  • dissolve trauma, limiting beliefs, restrictive patterning, blockages
  • increase in compassion, empathy, understanding of self, and others
  • increase clarity, sense of well-being, trust, and safety
  • bring the subconscious to the conscious for clearing
  • lead to ecstatic experiences
  • expect the unexpected

The ancient Vedic practice of using pranayama for healing is the source of Soulful Breathwork. Breathwork heals, transforms and transmutes the old; and, is immensely expansive.


Allow. Surrender to the process. Trust yourself. Trust the intelligence of your breath — it wants you here and it wants you to be more fully, intelligently, powerfully YOU. 


Workshop Logistics: 

  • bring your lunch with you (something that doesn’t require re-heating)
  • wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • bring your “nest” — blanket, pillow, yoga mat, anything that will help you be comfortable laying on the floor for up to 1.5 hours (camping pad, etc.)
  • an eye covering (I have some but most regulars have their own)
  • backjack, meditation cushion (so sitting on the floor is comfortable)
  • any sacred items to place on the altar
  • a journal and a pen

** please note that this workshop will run on “ceremony” time — we may end later than 5:30 p.m., if needed

All are welcome! 

Investment:  $150

Sliding scale:  $125+

Early Registration – $130 (ends on June 4th at 11:59 p.m., MST) 

Payment options:  cash, check, Paypal (friends and family to gurpreetgill2 at hotmail dot com)

Package Options

Package A: Workshop only 


Package B:  June 3rd Breathwork (Studio Be Yoga) + Workshop 


Package C:  Workshop + June 13th Breathwork (Starhouse)  


Package D:  BOTH Breathwork sessions + Workshop 


Location:  Mountain Goddess Temple (Coal Creek Canyon) — address to be given upon registration 


Please pre-register as this event has limited space to ensure an intimate group.

Private groups and one-on-one sessions are also available — please contact me for more information.