Cultures throughout our timeline have used a variety of methods to connect with the realms, and expanded states of consciousness.  The “there must be more to this life” than what meets us in 3D.


Conscious Breathwork is a potent healing and “whole’ing” modality that originates from my ancestral lineage (known as simran) and has been used for millennia to access altered states of consciousness to access our own inner realms of immense wisdom, guidance, and healing; and, as a means to connect to our higher Self, our guides, and spiritual growth.  Many also experience encounters with the Divine, the Sacred, transcendence of time or space, direct experiences of the primordial vibration, deep peace, unconditional infinite love, and orgasmic ecstatic states.


This modality is safe, gentle, and infinitely loving — you are invited to surrender deeply to the process.  Almost everyone will have their own unique and deeply moving experience. Breathwork is a clearing and cleansing experience for the body.  You are conscious for the vast majority of the experience (except when experiencing samadhi).  You are invited to arrive open to the potent and powerful field of growth and healing, awakening, and transcendence that are offered by Conscious Breathwork.



Benefits may Include: 

  • Deepening of spiritual connection
  • Balancing and harmonizing of your inner masculine and feminine energies
  • Dissolving of stress and anxiety
  • Increased multi-dimensional awareness
  • Release of disempowering and self-limiting beliefs
  • Increased connection to your inner guidance, intuition, and awareness of the greater unfolding
  • Heal emotional contributors of dis-ease; ancestral trauma; childhood wounding; difficult birth somatic memories; past-life limiting energetic influences; trauma and PTSD stored in the body;
  • Increased connection with the state of flow and your creative process
  • Transformation of shadows into allies and messengers
  • Increased capacity for pleasure
  • Release subconscious patterns of self-sabotage
  • Realize that you are love embodied
  • Safe and natural way to experience altered/ expanded states of consciousness
  • And, so much more…


Please Bring:

  • a yoga mat, or something comfortable to lay on
  • a cosy blanket to cover yourself with
  • eye mask (I will have some for you if you don’t have one)
  • journal or diary, and a writing utensil
  • your sweet sacred self


A Group Session Includes: 

  • Ritual & Invocation
  • Conscious Breathwork
  • Group Process
  • Intentional Mediation
  • Emotional Release
  • Subtle Energy Work
  • Hands-on Energy Work
  • Deep Listening & Conscious Communication
Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.  Eat nothing an hour beforehand.

Space is limited — please pre-register for any event that you feel guided towards to ensure your spot. 

Investment:  as advertised


Gurpreet has been facilitating group and private Conscious Breathwork sessions, and transformational workshops, for over 5 years in the Boulder, Colorado area as well as in her home province of British Columbia.  She has worked with severe and tender cases of PTSD and trauma to those who are seeking to continue the evolution of their conscious awakening.  Using altered states of consciousness modalities to access our subconscious patterns, Gurpreet has immense compassion, loving presence, and tender firm guidance for those who find their way to her.  She truly loves her life’s purpose and looks forward to working with you on your journey of life, love, and awakening the Divine within.



Gurpreet’s sheer presence invites you to abandon all your fears and trust issues, your societal misconceptions… and your expectations altogether. Breathwork is inherently deep and powerful, and Gurpreet matches that tremendous power in her ability to create loving, nurturing space for you, the group, and whatever arises. Crying hysterically, laughing, or writhing on the floor–you are safe–and Gurpreet will be your guide and your pillar of strength. Her deep intuitive sense will support you in ways you didn’t even know possible. Sign up, trust her, Let go… and you will uncover your infinite potential and true inner beauty and bliss. ~ Libby S. (Boulder)
Gurpreet’s breathwork sessions have been the most transformational tool in my healing and new awakening. From the minute you arrive, you step into the warmth and security of the womb she has created for your birthing. Allowing and using your breath to be your instrument and Gurpreet your gentle guide, you enter on a Divine journey into self, and possibly other dimensions and time. After your journey, you are never the same. Pieces of your physical, spiritual, and cognitive self are reborn and transformed into a more solidified sense of self. And, on a light note, there’s usually chocolate or some wonderful food to be shared after in celebration of this ceremony.I am most grateful to know and call Gurpreet my dear friend. This practice is part of her lineage, and she is one of the most powerful healers on this planet. I highly recommend journeying with her. ~ Olivia R. (California)


Thank you for the series of breath work sessions which were indispensable in healing from a life-threatening traumatic experience and devastating loss.  The power of the breath is transformative and while each session is different, there is an underlying current of vibrational energy and release from grief, anger, and suppressed feelings resulting in a state of being that can only be described as peaceful, calm, serene, and joyous.  This technique is accessible to anyone and effective intending the body, mind, and spirit.  With Gurpreet's ancient wisdom and experience in the healing arts, I have found the power within and have experienced a spiritual reawakening.

Michelle W. Boulder, CO, USA December 2, 2015

The space was peaceful and beautiful, the music soothing. Gurpreet was kind, calming, and honored each one of the participants just as they were. I felt very safe opening myself the the experience, because of that I was able to have a most sacred and profound journey to bliss. Thank you, Gurpreet.

Cheri E. Boulder, CO, USA December 2, 2015

In Gurpreet, I found an incredibly gifted healer who would set and hold the beautiful, safe, and sacred space that allowed me to go to the depths that I was ready to go to and bear witness to whatever arose in each session.  Gurpreet knew what was needed in any given situation, how much space I needed, how much guidance would help me to go deeper, how to encourage me when I would get stuck.  Her intuitive abilities and grounding presence made her the perfect partner on my journey with Breathwork and I am extremely grateful to her.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is open to experience healing through Breathwork.

Claudia K. Boulder, CO, USA December 2, 2015

I think one of the most profound things about this work is that it doesn’t require words. I love words and I know that I receive guidance through writing and I figure things out by writing and I give love in writing…but sometimes, words need to be set aside. This work allows great releases of whatever you’re willing to let go of, without having to talk it to death or experience the trauma all over again. It can be peaceful and easy or tight and uncomfortable; it can be a blissful ride on a magic carpet or it can feel like trudging through mud. The magic is in the allowing. It’s always perfect....I, for one, am sticking with Gurpreet and look forward to more of what this healing system has to offer.

Erin L. Denver, CO, USA December 2, 2015

Thank you for tonight Gurpreet! Truly emotionally uplifting and third eye expanding with body sensations of vibrating waves of light and energy pulsing through me. It felt as though I was experiencing myself as pure energy, that space between atoms. A chemical-free ecstasy that came with profound meaning and lessons from my higher self.

Mari Clements November 28, 2017

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