There is so much fear, and perhaps rightfully so, about COVID-19.

And, what if…

If we subscribe to the philosophy that life is always working out for us, that there is an intelligence far greater than humans at work…

That all is interconnected.

What if…

the virus is here to help us?

To reset.
To remember.

What is truly important.

Reconnecting with family and community.

Reducing travel so that the environment, the skies, the air, our lungs all get a break.

Parts of China are seeing blue sky and clouds for the first time in forever with the factories being shut down.

Working from home rather than commuting to work (less pollution, more personal time).

Reconnecting with family as there is more time at home.

An invitation to turn inwards — a deep meditation — rather than the usual extroverted going out to self-soothe.

To reconnect with self — what is really important to me?

A reset economically.

The working poor. The lack of healthcare access for over 30 million in the US. The need for paid sick leave.

How hard does one need to work to be able to live, to have a life outside of work?

To face our mortality — check back into “living” life rather than simply working, working, working.

To reconnect with our elders, who are so susceptible to this virus.

And, washing our hands — how did that become a “new” thing that we needed to remember. But, yes, we did.

The presence of Grace for all.

There is a shift underway in our society — what if it is one that is favorable for us?

What if this virus is an ally in our evolution?

In our remembrance of what it means to be connected, humane, living a simpler life, to be less impactful/ more kind to our environment.

An offering from my heart this morning. Offered as another perspective. Another way of relating to this virus, this unfolding, this evolution.

It was time for a change, we all knew that.

And, change has arrived.

What if…

~ Gurpreet K. Gill ❤️??
Instagram: @consciousbreathworkwithG


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    121 replies to "What if…"

    • Briget Boyle

      Thank you for this. These thoughts have been ringing in my head the last few days and you articulated it so well.

      • Hal

        What a wake-up call! So few would have never looked at this in this aspect!

      • Felicita Gignoux

        Well ,,,, Certainly , could be true , We must think about , our life, where We’re going,,,, like a reflexion , everything is coming for something ,,,,,,

      • Bonnie K Czirban

        RIGHT ON!!! This is exactly what I was thinking. Thank you for putting this so beautifully..

      • Deb

        Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. It gives me a way to look at this all differently- softer and less fearful.

      • Renee

        Amen, Amen, Amen!!! Thank GOD for using you to bring forth these words and thoughts to make us think if we were not already!!! I agree wholeheartedly with you and my other Christian brothers and sisters!!! Prayers and Blessings throughout the world!!!

    • Mia

      Thank you for sharing this. Your message deeply resonates with me and I’m sure with many others. As scary as this “pandemic” may be, it feels like a blessing in disguise.
      Much love ❤️

      • Penny Dileo

        Thank you for this. I always said it’s time for people slow down. Stop looking for things to make you happy. Am thankful everyday for what I have. I enjoy just Itti g on my poor and looking at Nature revolve. It’s so b eautiful. I love peacefulness. Don’t get me wrong I love a good time but I know enough to step back.

    • Carie

      This is so lovely. Thanks for sharing your light. Resonates 100%. Sharing widely!

      • Brenda Boatner

        Thanks for sharing this is something to think about. We truly need a change in this universe.

        • Son Pitt

          Well said, it helped me fully shift into a hopeful optimistic mindset. I am sadden by those who may loose this battle. “What if” encourages us to look forward to a better earth.

    • Elana Besserman

      This is beautiful and much needed. Thank you ?❤️

    • Arnel

      It make sense

      • Nohad Lauar

        I am glad to have found this article which validates my inner thoughts and beliefs. I hope that many human beings wake up and, as you said, reset for the life we are supposed to live on Earth. For the increase of compassion, love and cooperation instead of selfishness, greed and competition. God bless you.

        • Carol

          I agree, this is really an eye opener, The whole world is getting a cleanse. I think something bigger than us is showing what could be. Everyone stay healthy and God bless.

    • JB

      Honestly I felt the same way, this is definitely a wake up call and a message from our environment as nothing can destroy nature and in return it can destroy us if we continue our ways. The advancements we’ve made as a species is phenomenal and we should be proud. However, we’ve gotten so caught up in this race of humanity that we’ve forgotten about what it actually is to be human. This is a reminder to all of us to be human, connect, unite and support each other, value your family, appreciate the gifts of god. Thank you for this comforting message.

    • Crystal Irby

      Just what I needed to hear! Thank you.

    • emmanuel

      I definitely agree. We all need to “pause” including the environment: sort-of stillness & silencing for everybody. BLESSED B!!!

    • Irma A. Jacobs

      You’re very right Dothy. Was asking that myself too. Where was man before civlization? Where were we before these ipads and iphones? What were we doing before the height of social media and travel? Before we were just confined comfortably in our homes. After school we go home help our parents do household chores. We were more focused in our studies. We were more aware of our responsibility and we do a lot of praying. We know insects and love the ricefields . We personally know our neighbors send them a share of food that we cook . We listen to our elders, we are courteous, respectful and a lot more that show the values we learned from our parents . We were not concerned of a lot of things as we focus more on family and God . Yes indeed a lot has changed and this perhaps is a wake up call. A call to see what matters most in life. Thank you for this and may you continue to see the other way of what is of today only. There is more to this scare , Yes God speaks in his most profound way ❤️?

    • Ӏ’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encoսnter a blog that’s both equally educatibe and engaցing,and wіthout a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
      The problem is something not enough men and women are sρeaking intelⅼigentⅼy about.
      I’m very haρpy I foud this dᥙring my search for something relating to this.

    • Savvybeautybabe

      Your work was posted on many social platforms. Thank you for bringing a different view to this chaos.

    • Lisa Kopp

      Thank you…This is a beautiful thought and I will share with my family and friends to remember what is most important in all of our lives.

    • Angela

      Thank you for your words. They rang true and resonated with my soul.

    • Claire

      What if this is our graced opportunity to be more deeply compassionate, caring, and concerned about others as we are to ourselves. . .

    • Kathleen Tobin

      I felt like breathing again in peace-theaters cancelled (I am a reviewer) and in no hurry from one thng to another-there wasn’t anywhere to go except for a walk in the woods-reconnect with someone you only think about often-read a book- listen to your favorite music. It WILL end and maybe we might havelearned a lesson.

    • Shaylin Cecere


    • Redwing

      Thank you???may I repost on website

      • Gurpreet Gill

        Yes, of course. I so appreciate your ask and am a yes.

    • Jane

      Thank you!
      I will send these beautiful thoughts and questions to all my friends.
      I have not read your ideas before. An Irish friend sent this poem to me. I am Irish too but live elsewhere. It’s really good to know we can change our perspective so gracefully and so beneficially.
      I am in self-isolation mode at the moment, being super careful, until another friend’s test results come back. Having this new way of looking at everything makes it easier. I am smiling already!! Actually, I should have thought of all this myself! So, well done!
      Thank you again.
      PS: the moment I am reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s books. “I believe in miracles!”, is one of her mantras and she suggests saying it every hour on the hour. Preferably out loud. And more often if you like!

      • Ivy

        I like that … “I believe in miracles”

    • Jingay

      You put beautifully into to words my unspoken thoughts. Thank you.

    • Carla Marie Magno

      really well said!

    • Levon

      So much yes!??????

    • Danae

      My brother suggеsted I might like this blog. He was еntirely right.
      This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just
      how much timе I had spent for this info! Tһanks!

    • David

      Revelation 3:22 Amplified Bible (AMP)

      22 He who has an ear, let him hear and heed what the Spirit says to the churches.’”


    • Kelly

      Best thing i read since the start of this pandemic! Thank you for this.

    • Rachel Steinman

      Thank you for this. It’s what I just spoke about on my Dear Family, Podcast. You said it so beautifully.

    • Ariana

      This is so beautiful and being spread on Instagram ! I love this so much and shared it myself. Amazing articulation of this confusing time

    • Ben-Errol D. Aspera

      Wow. this is so insightful. You just put language into what my friends were talking about few nights ago. Thanks much.

      • Polly Keeling, RN

        Thank you for this. As a nurse, this gives me hope and comfort. I hope you don’t mind if I share the link with my peers at work and on my Facebook page.

        • Gurpreet Gill

          Dear Polly,

          I sincerely appreciate your presence and care as a nurse — and, yes, of course, I would be honored with your sharing of this poem/ prayer/ post.

    • Sarah

      This is so beautiful and comforting. Is it okay to share it please? I think this could bring a lot of people reassurance

      • Gurpreet Gill

        Yes, of course. This post apparently has resonated deeply with many. I would be honored if you shared it.

        • Terri Peterson

          This is such a beautiful way to describe exactly what I know to be true in my heart. We are in the midst of the most amazing shift in the history of humanity. Are you ok if I share this with a few of my facebook friends. I will list your website and give you credit of course. Thank YOU.

          • Helen

            Thank you for this powerfully moving meditation. I feel the Holy Spirit is working through you to inspire and calm us as a World…. and now more than ever we all need to realize we are a world family…. each responsible for one another….God Bless you and God Bless our human family. An additional outpouring of thanks and protective blessings on all of our healthcare providers, police, military first responders and the people continuing to work in the food chain industries….

          • Kathy Keith

            Every one needs to see this to wake every one to see. I think it will make people think differently. Than you.

    • Lakandupil C. Garcia, MA, EdD, LPT

      Dear Ms. Gill,
      I am Prof. Lakandupil C. Garcia from the Philippines. I have translated your work WHAT IF to Filipino, our national language. I hope you will like it, as much as we appreciate your deep meditation.

      Maliban sa ating pananampalataya at sariling pangangalaga, ibaling naman natin sa KAKAIBANG PANANAW…

      Ang virus ay narito upang tulungan tayong

      Magsimulang muli,
      Maalala ang tunay na mahahalaga:

      Muling makipag-ugnayan sa ating mga pamilya at komunidad.

      Bawasan ang paglalakbay upang ang kapaligiran, ang kalangitan, ang hangin, at maging ang ating mga baga ay makapagpahinga naman?

      May ilang bahagi ng Tsina ang nakikita na ang bughaw na kalangitan at puting kaulapan sa unang pagkkataon dahil sa pagsasara ng mga pabrika.

      Magtrabaho kahit nasa bahay sa halip na gumamit ng sasakyan sa pagpasok: bawas sa polusyon, dagdag na personal na oras.

      Muling magkakalapit ang mga pamilya pagkat may higit na oras sa tahanan.

      Isang paanyaya na suriin ang sarili

      Isang malalim na meditasyon, kaysa sa nakasanayang paglabas-labas.

      Muling tanungin ang sariling budhi–
      Ano bang talaga ang mahalaga sa akin?

      Pansinin ang ekonomiya.
      Ang mga isang kahig, isang tuka.
      Ang pangangailangan ng bayád na sick leave.

      Gaano kahirap magtrabaho upang mabuhay, upang mabuhay kahit wala sa trabaho?

      At, ang maghugas ng kamay — paano naging “bagong bagay” iyan na kailangan nating paalalahanan pa?

      Ngunit, oo, kinailangan pa.

      Ang pagkakaroon ng biyaya para sa lahat. May pagpapalit-tuon sa ating lipunan– paano kung makabubuti pa nga ito sa atin?

      Paano kung ang virus na ito ay kakampi para sa ating ebolusyon?

      Upang maalala natin ang tunay na kahulugan ng ugnayan, makatao, mabuhay nang simple, na huwag maging hambog at mas maging mapagmahal sa kapaligiran.

      Isang pag-aalay mula sa aking puso sa araw na ito… ang mag-alay ng kakaibang pananaw.

      Kakaibang paraan ng pagtingin sa virus na ito, sa paglalahad na ito, sa ebolusyong ito.

      Panahon ito ng pagbabago, alam naman nating lahat ito.

      PAANO NGA???

      ni Gurpreet K.Gill
      salin ni
      Lakandupil C. Garcia

      • Gurpreet Gill

        Dear Professor Garcia,

        I am deeply honored by your efforts to translate this post into Filipino so that it may continue to touch people around the globe. Many blessings and love to you for your loving support of the ripples of this post continuing their journey — thank you, you are an angel.

        Much love,

        Gurpreet ???



      • Deborah

        Excellent service to the global community. I have been deeply inspired to write as well.
        We are in an unprecedented time of love rising. Thank you for your uplifting words. ⭕️❌???

    • Sabrina Baker

      This is very comforting!

    • Margaret Marion

      Love This! ??

    • Danilo B. Isidro

      Yes, What if . . . ?
      Thank you very much for setting many of us to reflect on and rethink what we have been doing, or perhaps what we have not been doing.
      May this help us find the way to better living, to a more meaningful life.

    • Cyndi Combs

      Gurpreet, a friend of mine posted this on facebook without the link. I fell in LOVE with the sentiment, but she did not have a share link, so I went in search of the original post.

      I was shocked to find that these words and sentiment are YOURS! What a strange and odd coincidence.

      I love your words. This resonates completely for me. Thank you so much for sharing your energy with the world. Namaste.

      • Gurpreet Gill

        What a delightfully small and wonderful world full of surprises and miracles that we live in! I love hearing from you, Cyndi! Much love!

    • Deehje Chase

      This is a great post! I hope it’s okay that I shared it. Thanks for providing such a wonderful perspective!

      • Renate Jacobs

        Since this universal catastrophe that has affected the entire world, where I have gone to find my peace, gratitude and upliftment is with nature in my garden surrounded by brightly colored flowers that reassure me me that there is such a good reason why this has happened. Such a wake up call to all humanity that we have to stop, look around us and see the beauty that has been gifted to us which we have ignored. I firmly believe that this has happened for a very good reason and we will stop rushing around and filling our lives with things that don’t really make us happy.
        This too shall pass for the better for all humanity. Hate, greed, resentment get us nowhere. Let’s fill our lives with LOVE and the beauty that is all around us! It’s all part of a divine plan!! Trust the Universe!?

    • Simran Randhawa

      Dear Gurpreet,
      So delighted to read this uplifting take on the current situation!
      We have nothing to fear, but fear itself!
      The Divine has always been in charge,
      Let things play out and reveal themselves,
      In love and gratitude,
      Simran Randhawa

    • Marissa powels

      Incredible message, which I have shared in our neighborhood…thank you thank you thank you for this perspective.

    • Barbara Grossman

      Thank you so much for this message! Finally something that calms & makes sense. Would you consider posting it with a share link ? Your words need to be shared with the world now. Thank you so much

    • Bill Herring

      Beautiful, thanks.

    • Susan Birsky

      I love this perspective.

    • Jeli


    • Harpreet Atwal

      Really great

    • Carlos T. Carter

      This is beautiful and enlightening perspective! Thanks for sharing!

    • Gemma Mcguigan

      Thank you for sharing this perspective, so beautifully and compassionately delivered .. it has given me great lightness and trust …the opportunity for us as a human race to reset is incredibly hopeful ?

    • Futura Cirrincione

      This is beautiful, thank you. Do you mind if I translate this in Italian? I think we all need it right now…

      • Gurpreet Gill

        I would be honored if you were to translate this post into Italian. Grazie.

        • Marcela

          This is great! I should translate this into Spanish, would this be ok?

          • Gurpreet Gill

            Yes, absolutely, I would love it if you could translate this into Spanish, dear one. XO

    • Liz Schwab

      You have put into words what I have been feeling in my soul. Thank you!

    • Devan

      I have been thinking same. Mother Natures jolts humanity out of it slumber of “me,myself & I”. This wake up call is much needed. Humanity needs to step up and be more humane. Thank you Gurpreet for this timely mesage.

    • Maryann

      God, I just hope our politicians read and reflect on this.

    • Sarah Downs

      This is uplifting and inspirational! It is just what I need to read this morning! I am grateful that my daughter sent it to me! I think the world will change in many ways when this passes. I think and hope positive changes for lessons learned from this experience. What is really important? I teach kindergarten, I think we need to slow it down and go back to learning through play. I think our healthcare system will have to have a complete overhaul! I think working as a community will be restored. Caring for our planet will be a priority, I hope! It is a reawakening of our humanity and world!

    • Marcela

      This is beautiful, thanks for enlighten us and see the positive on what the world is experiencing, iust translate thin into Spanish, lots of gratitude. Marcela

    • Robin Hafey

      Your encouragement and perspective is appreciated! As a Believer in Jesus, I’ve watched how God can bring GOOD out of ANYTHING!! Let’s LOOK for the good and remember the Golden Rule…treat others the way you’d like to he treated! God IS in control …our Protector and Hope!

    • Kedeisha

      Thank you for crafting such a beautifully written message. I absolutely agree with your perspective and so much more people needs to be enlightened by this, a well written message. Do you mind if I crafted a video to attract the millennial and other in my community? I will also feature on my website with your credits.

      • Gurpreet Gill

        I appreciate your ask and yes, please. I look forward to experiencing your creation. XO


      Yes! Thank you for putting into words thoughts that many of us have been having.

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much! Everything shifts when you first shift your perspective. Grateful for this today.

    • teresa

      Thank you for these inspired words. we need to help each other look and live beyond the wound…
      But, at the same time, my thoughts and deepest sympathy go to those who lost a dear one because of this virus, and to those that are yet unable to join your post because they battle COVID-19. I cry with them.

    • Natalie

      Thank you for a different view on this. It really lifted my spirits and got me to see things in a different light. I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

    • Jessica Zapatero

      This is beautiful and life changing perspective.
      Thank you!

    • Maurice Jones

      So lovely, so timely, many of us way down here,
      Down Under have been been feeling the same, and also grieving our Nation’s shame at not doing much at all to play the proper game,

      To really honour and salute, and work to heal,
      the one, this blue Pearl in Space, our Mother Earth – Gaia by name

      Maurice. Far eastern Oz. March 18

    • Jane Hinckley

      A reset – a do-over? What a wonderful idea. Thank you for giving hope.

    • Ynez

      Food for my soul! Thank you❤️

    • Jen

      Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling. It is almost like we had to destroy ourselves to rebuild. I’ve been sharing your words with so many, and it is really resonating.

    • Sophie Bundalo

      I agree that everything happens for a reason and that we are being taught much needed lessons. Although this is currently a devastating illness globally, the world is working together to help fight this and from this we should be stronger for it. Panic is the worst thing that can happen right now. I wish everyone good health.

    • Jenny Leigh

      Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for sharing this. What a gift.

    • Gail

      I’m in for these changes..

    • Carol Mcandrew

      It certainly is a wake up call to all of us who have many blessings!! Sometimes we forget to count them!! ???

    • Eprill Michelson

      Beautifully said, thank you❣️

    • Irene

      Definitely food for thought.
      Thank you

    • Michael Bruel

      Beautifully said and been on my mind for the last week if not longer. I want to see us use this to reimagine how we, as a society, change how we operate to help us all being upon the changes needed to help combat climate change as well. This reaches all areas of life.

    • Ivette

      Spot on. Lots of lessons tohe learned. Thank you.

    • Jack Sweeney

      I just read your soulful words. This whole Pandemic happening makes more sense to me now. Sorry it had to affect so many families around the World. God Bless the departed Souls and may they enjoy the life hereafter .
      Om. Peace. Amen

    • Emily

      Thank you for publishing this. I believe some have been slowly coming to this point of perspective. Thank you for publishing this. I have been sharing it broadly.

    • Kelly

      Truly worth a mind and heart soak
      Thank you for your bravery
      Troubling times require us to stop. Listen.
      Time to memorize your stunning set of words,
      Transform my inner and exterior little life
      Thank you Gupreet Gill so much
      Thank you

    • Annie

      Thank you for sharing your lovely and inspiring insights which resonates with many of us, and a powerful reflection for all to consider to reset and be a kind and loving human race. God bless you for your hopeful message.

    • Eileen Mullard

      May I repost on my website I will of course say you wrote it! Blessings and spot! Eileen

    • Frances Noik

      This amazing. I will read this over and over and share with all the folks I know. Thank you for your insightfulness and for sharing.

    • Virginia

      I’m grateful to find who authored this piece. It’s been shared anonymously and I’ve passed it along as such but have since gone back to each of my pages and updated the posts to give you credit.

      When a friend shared this piece of writing I confess that it took my breath away to read the words because similar thoughts keep appearing in my own mindful meanderings on journal pages.

      Let’s refer to #SocialDistancing as #SocialSolidarity to #FlattenTheCurve to #SaveLives
      And while we have our lives disrupted by COVID19, take a bit of time to consider the possibilities …

    • Markus

      An honor to discover you and your website. You words are full of love and light.

    • Sarah

      I’ve sent this to so many. Thanks for this beautiful reflection.

    • Zamia

      This is beautiful! Very much of the thoughts that have been evolving in me. Thanks for the eloquent presentation. Blessings, Zamia

    • Theresa

      Ever since we entered this Covid-19 space along the journey, we’ve been aware that we have more freedom, a little more time at home, and less craziness to our schedules. We don’t know how this virus will change, how it will transform our lives; even the epidemiologists don’t know. That’s why the call it a “novel” virus. It’s new, uncharted, dangerous and, with God’s help, curable. I hope when life gets back to a more normal pace, that we can pace ourselves more like we are doing now–to go inside and connect wit the holy, or walk alone in the woods or, or, or…we must make time.

    • Janis Clarke

      You have described so many silver linings in this big dark cloud…thank you❗️☮️❤️??

    • Janet Prottas

      This perspective is thought provoking and beautiful!! Thank you for the insight. I believe…I pray…this crisis will reset the trajectory of our humanity. We have been at a tipping point for a long time…The world seems to have been focused on our differences, our separateness, greed, self righteousness, power.
      It’s time to reflect, to embrace the lessons we are learning, to practice gratitude, to love each other.
      Peace to everyone. ❤️??❤️

    • Harvey Beavers Jr

      Very fitting and a positive outlook on what is happening. We have a chain to reset and truly examine our priorities

    • Daniela C.

      If we all stay home and are safe for a few weeks not only can we beat the virus we can make a dent in climate change

    • Sylvie Neve

      This is prose with power, thank you Gurpreet.
      I love your messages:
      Faith in a benevolent maker that is greater than us all.
      Hope that all things emote a purpose.
      Knowledge that (like every living thing on this planet) humanity must endure change.
      Interconnectedness, peace, respect.
      Refocus on family.
      Breathe. Carry on!
      And most of all, LOVE in all we do.
      This is good stuff….thank you for sharing!

    • Jeanne M Cuddy-Peretz

      This is the most aspirational and inspirational thing that I have read since the Covid-19 crisis.
      It puts things in perspective, and lessens the fear of this outbreak that we as a world are in the midst of. My thanks and gratitude! ??

    • Sue

      I’ve been praying that this virus has actually been an enlightenment of the importance of love, kindness and compassion for one another that reflect the beauty of God in our lives. He is eradicating the growing all the evilness that’s been trying to overtake our lives. I believe in the Power of God. He is restoring our faith in Him.

    • Jasmine McClymont

      I have been feeling this way and your message came at such a timely moment. Its like you took the thoughts and feelings from me and wrote them down. Thank you for articulating this so well.

    • Traci Goodwin

      What breath of fresh perspective! Thank you for putting it into such compelling words.

    • Anne Beedle

      Beautiful perspective…this is not an ending, this is a time to pause….God help us to know what you wish us to know … Help us to learn in the pause and not go back the same.

    • Dorina Leslie

      This blog post was sent to me by the most unlikely person, my eldest son, which brought such a smile to my face, knowing that an awakening is taking place in his consciousness and, I do believe, in so many new souls on this plane we call home, Mother Earth. Thank you for your beautiful work in the works and for being a lightworker, leading many new souls towards the light, with your simple yet profound truth. It really is a time to reflect and to get back to more simple pleasures. We have entirely too much stress in our lives, and if there is one lesson I hope all of humanity will learn here, unplugging from our busy busy go go go lives is helpful to reboot our overworked nervous systems. I have noticed, however, that I’m drained after getting on a Zoom conference call, so we must shield our energy from the effects of electronics, when we choose to connect with others through this medium. Thank you, and I will look forward to joining you for breathwork classes…something I do every day to heal my body, mind and spirit.

    • google

      Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading
      it, you may be a great author. I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back in the foreseeable future.
      I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have
      a nice afternoon!

    • Brooke Galle

      Gurpreet, this is such a beautiful message. A friend of mine shared it with me, and I had to figure out the kind soul who wrote it. I’m a teacher and having my students read and respond to their opinions of “What If…” My hope is that they analyze the poem and dive into the deeper message, and that by doing so it brings them peace in this time of solitude, as it certainly has for me. Many thanks.

    • Courtney Perry

      The poem is an amazing piece. It gives us reason to pause in our frustration and despair, and find hope in what can be. Also reminds us that everything is perspective, we can choose to have a negative outlook or a positive outlook. Gill choose to give us hope. It’s beautiful!

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