4 Day Retreat — Deepening Connection with Infinite Self

What if the "I" as you know yourself to be is simply a limited version of your infinite possibilities as a Being, a soul on this planet? What if you are much more than you have know, or allowed, yourself to be?
During this 4 day retreat, we will explore what it means to be you, what you desire, what spark of the Greater in you desires more presence.  As a friend was saying last night over dinner, "I never fit into the box that my family/ society/ self/ school told me I had to fit into."  
What if you are far greater than what any limited versions of self to which we may have subscribed?  What if you are an infinite being of infinite possibilities?  
This retreat offers a safe space to explore all that you are -- honoring exactly where you are today as well as the traumas, challenges, the difficulties that have brought you to be right here, right now in your life.
Gurpreet will facilitate a variety of modalities of exploration that also include a daily Conscious Breathwork session.
by Gurpreet Gill