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08.13.24| Conscious Breathwork for Healing and Transformation (Starhouse)

August 13 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm MDT

Conscious Breathwork for Healing and Transformation (STARHOUSE)

Join us for an incredible journey of healing and transformation at The StarHouse. This in-person event offers a unique opportunity to explore the power of conscious breathwork. Through intentional breathing techniques, you will tap into your body’s innate wisdom, releasing tension and stagnant energy.

During this transformative experience, you will be guided by master breathwork facilitator, Gurpreet Gill, who creates and embodies an immensely safe and supportive space. Through the power of the breath, you will have the opportunity to tap into the infinite intelligence in our breth, release emotional blockages, gain clarity, and awaken your inner potential.

Whether you are new to breathwork or have previous experience, this event is open to all. Come and discover the profound healing and transformative power of your own breath at Conscious Breathwork for Healing and Transformation (STARHOUSE).

This modality is safe, gentle, and infinitely loving — you are invited to surrender deeply to the process. Everyone will have their own unique and deeply moving experience every single time — no two experiences are the same.

Conscious Breathwork is a clearing and cleansing experience for the body as we connect to the vibration of our breath, with the vibration of divine love. You are conscious for the vast majority of the experience (except when experiencing samadhi). You are invited to arrive open to the potent and powerful field of growth and healing, awakening, and transcendence that are offered by Conscious Breathwork.

It is a modality that is a portal, an opening, to the Greater Energies and connecting to the cosmic creative forces — it is deep profound ceremonial space.

Gurpreet will also be introducing more of her own lineage’s methodology of Conscious Breathwork, known as Simran, throughout 2024. It originates from the Sikh faith of origin she is born into, and is offered as another option of exploration along with the standard breath of breathwork.

This offering is a sober modality — i.e. no other plant medicine is involved.

Benefits may include:

* Deepening of spiritual connection;

* Dissolving of stress and anxiety;

* Release of dis-empowering and self-limiting beliefs;

* Increased connection to your guidance, intuition, and awareness of the greater unfolding;

* Heal emotional contributors to dis-ease; childhood trauma; birth memories; past-life limiting influences; trauma stored in the body;

* Connect with the state of flow; increasing your creative process

* Safe and natural way to experiences altered/ expanded states of consciousness;

* Healing on all levels is possible and available — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual; along with ancestral lineage healing;Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Eat a light dinner (soup, salad) and nothing an hour beforehand.

Space is limited — please pre-register for any event that you feel guided towards to ensure your spot.

Register with Eventbrite

or state the FULL name of the participant, your email address and phone number, along with the date to

Venmo: @Gurpreet-Kaur-31 — PLEASE honor if a sliding scale has sold out, and bump up to the next one; if the event is “sold out” please register for the next offering.

Please dress in comfortable clothing and bring your nest:– something comfortable to lay on– cozy blanket– eye mask (I will have extras)– a high vibe snack to share– journal or diary along with something to write with– arrive sober (ie no substances in your system).

Other Offerings — www.gurpreetkgill.com/events for more information:

STARHOUSE RETREAT — July 25 – 28, 2024

Sacred Council| Breathwork| Meditation| Traditional Kirtan | Naam Simran

Healing| Transformation| Awakening| Evolution of Self

I am so pleased to annouce that Starhouse and I are collaborating to offer this deep dive into the ocean of all of Creation, as beings of Creation to explore and to deepen our connection the Divine, Source energy. We will come together and share our potent individual-yet-connected presence in sacred circle, our heartfelt tender and vulnerable explorations of our inner worlds, all while connecting with the Greater Energies as our foundation. Widening our channel of connection. Deepening our relationship with our Inner Wise Self, aka our guidance. And, incredible healing, expansion, awakening to even more of the delicous aspectios of the Universe, of Creation, of our potential that lives within each one of us. The ripples of this retreat will offer immense opportunities to be challenged in transformation, ecstatic bliss of connecting to your Essense, and so much more.

This retreat is held in the honoring of the traditional path of the Punjabi Sikh tradition that I am born into, have been raised in, while being a bridge between the Western and Eastern understandings of life and the cultural, spiritual containers of both.

I am truly excited to offer this opportunity to all who resonate. It has been rare to have public offerings and it feels so good to open to this one.

I know the most amazing group will be sitting in circle come July 25th.

Space is limited.

Please fill out the application form at: To Be Announced shortly

Dates and Times:

07.25 — 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

07.26 — 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

07.27 — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

07.28 — 10 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

About Gurpreet:

Gurpreet has been facilitating Conscious Breathwork events since 2014, after completing her training with Christian de la Heurta in the rebirthing/ Sondra Ray lineage; having been raised with Naam Simran/Breatwork in the traditional Sikh tradition as a child. She brings immense heart and presence to each event to cultivate immense safety within a connected community. She strives to assist each soul to enter a sanctuary space so they may safely heal and transform/transmute any trauma/challenges that bring them to this moment of radical openness to transformation.

Gurpreet is also well versed in plant medicine and spiritual journey work with several modalities that she has trained deeply with since 2014. She has a deep and profound connection to the realms of altered states of consciousness to gain access to our subconscious and unconcious selves in addition to gleaning the right wisdom at the right time for those who are called to work with her.

Born into a Sikh lineage, straddling both eastern and western lineages, Gurpreet offers a deeply rooted connection to Source energy and wisdom. Humble-yet-direct, she also possesses a sense of humor that is apparent in each session while holding the sacred in deep reverance.



The Starhouse
3476 Sunshine Canyon Drive
Boulder, CO 80302 United States
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