01/12 Soulful Breathwork for Healing & Transformation (Denver)

 You are invited to an evening session of Soulful Breathwork — using your breath as medicine, the portal opener and activator for immense healing and transformation, you will breathe into your Being and into areas of blockages and suppressed energy; breathe prana in to assist the dissolving of, and the release of, these blockages so…

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12/17 Soulful Breathwork — One Year Anniversary (Boulder)

Dear Ones,   It’s been one year since I first began offering Soulful Breathwork sessions in Boulder after having completed my apprenticeship with Christian de la Huerta. It’s time to breathe and to celebrate!   The details of tonight’s offering will continue to manifest but for now, know that:   — yes, we’ll breathe;  …

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12/02 Soulful Breathwork — Conscious Breathing for Healing & Transformation (Boulder)

The ancient Vedic practice of using pranayama for healing is the source of Soulful Breathwork. Breathwork heals, transforms and transmutes the old; and, it is immensely expansive on many levels — emotionally, mentally, energetically, physically, and spiritually.

Allow. Surrender to the process. Trust yourself. Trust the intelligence of your breath — it wants you here and it wants you to be more fully, intelligently, powerfully YOU.

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