Nov. 8 Soulful Breathwork for Healing & Transformation (Denver)

Join us for a deep dive into the sacred journey of immense healing and transformation so simply accessible with our breath.  An ancient practice birthed in India, also known as simran, we practice breathwork to heal, transform, dive in deep into uncharted territories of our subconscious and of our unconscious to purge the old, and to breathe in the new.  Powerful!  Life-changing!  Transformational!  Join us!  $40.  November 8th.

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July 19 Soulful Breathwork for Healing & Transformation (Denver)

We have two classes scheduled in July for Denver — you are all welcome to attend whether you’ve attended the previous classes or not, or if you’re new to breathwork. All are always welcome to experience this opportunity to connect deeply with the profoundly clearing, healing, and reconnecting/ remembrance wisdom of our breath. The dates…

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Session #3 May-June Soulful Breathwork Deep Dive (4 Class Series — Denver)

Welcome to the third class in this month-long series — you’re invited to attend, to sit in circle, even if this is your first class of the series; or, your first class ever!

Commit to your process, your healing, your integration, your evolution, for your highest good now and let the energies begin to work immediately. Attend all four sessions for the most powerful, transformative journey; or, you may attend as you’re able to.

We’re now scheduled for 3 hours to allow us the time to hold these sessions as a sacred circle with connection, processing, and spaciousness for our breath. Each session will build on the previous session — each session spiraling deeper, expanding out greater, and increasing in intentional power.

$40 for one session; $140 for all four sessions.

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