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 12 reviews
by Christopher on Atman (Soul) Healing
Your breath and Gurpreet are all you need!

Breathwork is what I always hoped prayer or meditation would be but fell short on. To have direct access to heal past trauma and speak with the divine is what I sought and 100% found in breathwork.I've known Gurpreet as a healer for 4 years now and she is nothing short of an angel. I don't know how she manages to be so gentle and yet fierce, but she does. I trust her like I have never trusted another human soul on this planet and have been rewarded with true freedom from some deep past traumas.I have been to several of her breathwork sessions at the amazing Starhouse and found healing and guidance within. However, the real magic has come with her private group series and 1 on 1 ceremony work. After just one private, it was like 30 years of grime and filth had been washed off my soul's windshield and I can see clearly now.She is worth every penny and ounce of effort it may take for you to see her. You will be transformed!

The Magic of Breath

Thank you for tonight Gurpreet! Truly emotionally uplifting and third eye expanding with body sensations of vibrating waves of light and energy pulsing through me. It felt as though I was experiencing myself as pure energy, that space between atoms. A chemical-free ecstasy that came with profound meaning and lessons from my higher self.

by Molly B on Atman (Soul) Healing
I've never felt so empowered!!

(Two day, one-on-one, private retreat)I have to say, words do not at all comprehend the experience i've shared with this wonderful soul. Gurpreet is a breath of fresh air - she is loving, kind, and clear with her wisdom - and she is direct, speaking without apology directly to what your soul needs to hear for its ultimate healing. In 24 hours of private work she guided me to heal more than 10 years of therapy and thousands of dollars of healing work done with others has ever come close to doing. She guided me through meditation and breath work with love, kindness, and fierceness that allowed me to truly, deeply connect with a power in me that I had no idea I had been repressing. It was beautiful, transformative, life changing work. Others have said it, but trust her, trust your guidance to work with her. I will say, having worked both in group and privately with her, you cannot do yourself a bigger favor than to reserve her undivided attention and wisdom in private healing. She has far more to offer than you could imagine, and the power of direct work with her, unfiltered, is unimaginable. Group work with her opened me to a whole new direction in my life, which is beautiful, but private work with her changed me fundamentally, and has undoubtably catapulted me into a new level of my being: a powerful, unafraid, self-loving that has already (less that 24 hrs later) manifested strong love and support into my life that I had been timidly hoping for for weeks now.The short version: This woman is the healer that the world needs. I could never express my gratitude for her in words - it is eternal.

by Libby Sherwood on Atman (Soul) Healing
Transcendence Awaits

Gurpreet’s sheer presence invites you to abandon all your fears and trust issues, your societal misconceptions… and your expectations altogether. Breathwork is inherently deep and powerful, and Gurpreet matches that tremendous power in her ability to create loving, nurturing space for you, the group, and whatever arises. Crying hysterically, laughing, or writhing on the floor--you are safe--and Gurpreet will be your guide and your pillar of strength. Her deep intuitive sense will support you in ways you didn’t even know possible. Sign up, trust her, Let go... and you will uncover your infinite potential and true inner beauty and bliss.

Clarity Through Breath

Always refreshing to connect with your true self in a safe space with a trusted loving guide. It is amazing how the inner messages surface and offer clarity. Thank you for your guidance with my self exploration.

by Olivia Rose on Atman (Soul) Healing
A Gentle Guiding Within

Gurpreet's breathwork sessions have been the most transformational tool in my healing and new awakening. From the minute you arrive, you step into the warmth and security of the womb she has created for your birthing. Allowing and using your breath to be your instrument and Gurpreet your gentle guide, you enter on a Divine journey into self, and possibly other dimensions and time. After your journey, you are never the same. Pieces of your physical, spiritual, and cognitive self are reborn and transformed into a more solidified sense of self. And, on a light note, there's usually chocolate or some wonderful food to be shared after in celebration of this ceremony.I am most grateful to know and call Gurpreet my dear friend. This practice is part of her lineage, and she is one of the most powerful healers on this planet. I highly recommend journeying with her.

by Victoria Cusick on Atman (Soul) Healing
She is an earth angel!

I can't say enough about Gurpreet. She is my go-to person for personal development and Breathwork. She creates a safe and gentle place to work through your stuff, guiding you out of your head space and into your heart. I recommend her for all things spiritual and healing.

by Soleo Michael on Atman (Soul) Healing
DEEP Healing

I knew I needed to shift from testing healing modalities and occasional healing sessions to a long-term, deep dive healing journey. It was time to go into my deepest traumas and unleash the chains of my every day life experience. I was ready to release the roots of that which was causing my anxiety, depression and fatigue.Gurpreet Gill is one of the two practitioners and modalities I chose to go deep with. I knew she would help, but I didn't know how very blessed I would be by her divine guidance. What I like most about her approach is that it is intuitive, spirit-allowing and focused on the simplest aspect of me... my breath. The journey and results are beyond words, yet I'll say this:With Gurpreet's breathwork facilitation, I was able to connect with and allow the release of my core contractions. The blocks were unblocked. My abundant soul energy was unleashed. My day-to-day experienced shifted. I had my true emotions, energy and power back.I'm aware that another breathwork journey is calling to me to further open my flow, and I will certainly be contacting Gurpreet to further facilitate my awakening.I wish you well with your journey into freedom.

A Healing Dream!

Gurpreet is one of those people who changes your life the moment you meet her. She is grounding, warm, compassionate, and has a natural talent for holding space and guiding your soul to a more beautiful place with her clear dedication as a healer.Her workshops change lives, and Gurpreet not only knows how to safely heal and guide you during her work, but is fully present and available throughout your integration period after the session. She is truly unique as a person, as a healer and as an inspiration.

by Claudia K. on Atman (Soul) Healing
Beautiful, safe, sacred space

In Gurpreet, I found an incredibly gifted healer who would set and hold the beautiful, safe, and sacred space that allowed me to go to the depths that I was ready to go to and bear witness to whatever arose in each session.  Gurpreet knew what was needed in any given situation, how much space I needed, how much guidance would help me to go deeper, how to encourage me when I would get stuck.  Her intuitive abilities and grounding presence made her the perfect partner on my journey with Breathwork and I am extremely grateful to her.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is open to experience healing through Breathwork.

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