What is Conscious Breathwork?

Cultures throughout our timeline have used a variety of methods to connect with the realms, and expanded states of consciousness.  The “there must be more to this life” than what meets us in 3D.
Conscious Breathwork is a potent healing and “whole’ing” modality that originates from my ancestral lineage (known as simran) and has been used for millennia to access altered states of consciousness to access our own inner realms of immense wisdom, guidance, and healing; and, as a means to connect to our higher Self, our guides, and spiritual growth.  Many also experience encounters with the Divine, the Sacred, transcendence of time or space, direct experiences of the primordial vibration, deep peace, unconditional infinite love, and orgasmic ecstatic states.
This modality is safe, gentle, and infinitely loving — you are invited to surrender deeply to the process.  Almost everyone will have their own unique and deeply moving experience. Breathwork is a clearing and cleansing experience for the body.  You are conscious for the vast majority of the experience (except when experiencing samadhi).  You are invited to arrive open to the potent and powerful field of growth and healing, awakening, and transcendence that are offered by Conscious Breathwork.


Benefits may include:
  • Deepening of spiritual connection
  • Dissolving of stress and anxiety
  • Release of dis-empowering and self-limiting beliefs
  • Increased connection to your guidance, intuition, and awareness of the greater unfolding
  • Heal emotional contributors to dis-ease; childhood wounding; birth memories; past-life limiting influences; trauma stored in the body;
  • Connect with the state of flow; increasing your creative process
  • Safe and natural way to experiences altered/ expanded states of consciousness
  • So, so much more…
Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.  Eat nothing an hour beforehand.

Space is limited — please pre-register for any event that you feel guided towards to ensure your spot. 

Thank you for tonight Gurpreet! Truly emotionally uplifting and third eye expanding with body sensations of vibrating waves of light and energy pulsing through me. It felt as though I was experiencing myself as pure energy, that space between atoms. A chemical-free ecstasy that came with profound meaning and lessons from my higher self.

Mari Clements AlignWithSoul.com November 28, 2017