Welcome fellow Journeyers in Breath, Life, and Spirit!

I’m honored by your presence here and invite you to peruse, to explore, and to find some peace in your Being somewhere along the way.  I invite you to attend a group breathwork session, schedule a private healing session, peruse the artwork for resonance whether you are beginning your exploration or if you are continuing your practice of your  journey.  All are welcome — children through our elders — and, everyone is welcome with unconditional love while fully honoring your Being, your healing, your process, and your journey.

With love and gratitude,


In Gurpreet, I found an incredibly gifted healer who would set and hold the beautiful, safe, and sacred space that allowed me to go to the depths that I was ready to go to and bear witness to whatever arose in each session.  Gurpreet knew what was needed in any given situation, how much space I needed, how much guidance would help me to go deeper, how to encourage me when I would get stuck.  Her intuitive abilities and grounding presence made her the perfect partner on my journey with Breathwork and I am extremely grateful to her.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is open to experience healing through Breathwork.

Claudia K. Boulder, CO, USA December 2, 2015