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Schedule your session now to gain further clarity in your life’s unfolding; to explore your life’s sacred purpose; energy balancing and healing; and, to explore journey work.

Please email me using the “Contact” form on…

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Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork Sessions 

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A perfect healing tool for the 21st century, Breathwork, also known as conscious breathing, offers the gift of life changing healing, centering, and profound…

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Soul Clarity Sessions

Intuitive Healing & Coaching

Intuitive healing involves a system of channeling in-depth guidance from Source as how best to melt any limiting beliefs, dissolve energetic blockages, and to increase allowing in present time.  Healing sessions address…

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What's New?

December 2017

As 2017 is in its waning days, we take the opportunity to slow down, to rest, and to allow the energies to guide us into the inquiry of “What more? What else? How to move?” as 2018’s energies begin to enter the field of awareness and the field of happenings.  So, instead of “doing,” we are “being” for the moment.  The energies will inform and guide us as they percolate and steep into their perfection of letting us know in perfect time.  All is well.  All is as it desires to be, in this moment in time.  Thank you.  Thank me.  Thank us.  We are infinitely connected.  Always.  And, in all ways.  A big squeeze of love to you.